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Enhance Your Equine Bodywork Skills with Targeted Classes

Equine Kneads offers specialized classes designed to update, enhance, and refine your professional skills. We understand that the journey of professional growth never ends. That’s why we offer individual classes from our comprehensive Professional Certification Program, designed specifically for practitioners in the field of equine bodywork who are committed to continuous education. Whether you’re looking to fill gaps in your knowledge, stay current with the latest industry practices, or refresh your skills, our classes provide an invaluable resource.


Rolling Admissions

Online Instruction

Mentorship Support

How does it work?

Choose from any of our individual targeted classes, each available for $395 or you can take a series such as the Anatomy & Physiology or Business for $895. These classes include comprehensive lectures, visual aids, practical assignments, and quizzes designed to provide a rich learning experience.

Why Continuous Education?

  • Stay Current: Keep up-to-date with the latest techniques and industry standards

  • Fill Knowledge Gaps: Specifically designed for professionals looking to deepen their understanding in particular areas.

  • Refresh Your Skills: Ideal for practitioners seeking to reaffirm their knowledge and stay sharp in their practice.

What You Get With Our Targeted Classes

Don't miss out on these extraordinary benefits of joining our professional education community!

Lifetime Access

Gain lifelong access to course materials, allowing you to revisit and refresh your skills at any time

Mentoring Support

Benefit from 6 months of mentoring to help integrate new skills into your daily practice.

Customized Learning

Select only the courses you need to tailor your professional development.

About Your Instructor: Christina Naas

Christina Naas is a LMT, NMT, CST, ESMT and an esteemed specialist in equine bodywork. With a repertoire of skills that include therapeutic massage, cupping, neuromuscular therapy, craniosacral therapy, PEMF and cryotherapy.

    Christina Naas Headshot

    Christina Naas


    In collaboration with university veterinary programs, veterinarians, and researchers, Christina has played a pivotal role in the development of equine cryotherapy and PEMF protocols. She is also the head trainer in the U.S. for the Kaasen Equine Pro, a leading device in equine cryotherapy.

    Committed to elevating the standard of care in the equine therapy field, Christina is not only an experienced practitioner but also a dedicated educator. Her teaching philosophy is grounded in both scientific rigor and real-world applicability, making her exceptionally qualified to lead this one-day intensive course on equine cryotherapy.

Fill Critical Knowledge Gaps For Just $395/class!

Individual Classes

+ Introduction to Equine Bodywork

• History of Massage

• Fundamental Concepts

• Scope of Practice

• Career Trends

+ Ethical & Legal Considerations

• Code of Ethics

• Legal Requirements

• Client Consent Procedures

+ Common Terms & Medical Terminology

• Root Words

• Prefixes

• Suffixes

• Safe Language 

+ Safety Protocols

• Equine Behavior and Safe Handling

• Human Safety Precautions - Proper Biomechanics

• Biosecurity Procedures

+ Charting & Record Keeping

• Importance of Charting (SOAPR Notes)

• Types of Charts

• Confidentiality

+ Massage Strokes & Palpation

• Feeling & Identifying Textures

• Effleurage (Gliding) Strokes

• Hands-on Assessment

• Percussion and Vibration Strokes

• Compression and Cross Fiber Friction Strokes

• Full Body Assessment with Practicing Strokes

+ Equine Dental Impacts

• Fundamentals of Equine Dental Health

• Pathology of Equine Dental Ailments

• Impacts on Equine Massage and Bodywork

+ Nutrition

• Nutrition Foundation

• Nutrition's Role in Healthy Musculoskeletal Function

• Body Scoring

+ Conformation vs. Posture

• History

• Conformational Defects & Biomechanics

• Postural Defects & Biomechanics

+ Biomechanics

• Gait Analysis

• Equine Sports - Variations in Movement

• Compensatory Patterns

Comprehensive Skill Enhancement for Just $895/series!

Deep Dive Series

+ Anatomy & Physiology Series

From skeletal to digestive systems, gain a thorough understanding of equine anatonomy.

+ Advanced Bodywork Techniques

Specialized techniques for various parts of the horse’s body, from cranial to hoof massage.

+ Business Skills for Equine Bodyworkers

Essential skills for setting up and managing a successful equine bodywork business.

$395/class or $895/series

Invest in your success. Get Started Today! At Equine Kneads, we are committed to your ongoing professional development and success in the field of equine bodywork.

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