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Equine Targeted Infrared Red Light Therapy

Equine Targeted Infrared Red Light Therapy is a cutting-edge technique designed to promote the overall well-being and performance of your horse. Using non-invasive, highly focused infrared light, we aim to improve cellular function, encourage healing, and provide relief from a variety of musculoskeletal conditions.


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Equine Infrared Red Light Therapy

How does equine targeted infrared red light therapy work?

A specialized infrared light device is used to deliver concentrated beams of red light to the targeted areas. The treatment session usually lasts between 20 to 40 minutes, depending on the size of the area being treated and the specific concerns being addressed.

The Benefits of A Equine Infrared Red Light Therapy

Pain relief is what most equestions recognize as an immediate benefit of Infrared therapy as it has been shown to alleviate discomfort associated with sore muscles, tendon and ligament issues, and arthritis. And like every therapy we offer, Infrared offers an amazing suite of benefits:

Accelerated Healing

By stimulating cellular activity, infrared therapy can expedite the healing of soft tissue injuries, wounds, and skin conditions.

Reduced Inflammation

Infrared light therapy assists in reducing swelling and inflammation, contributing to quicker recovery periods.

Improved Circulation

The treatment aids in enhancing blood flow, which in turn helps distribute oxygen and nutrients more efficiently throughout the body.

Enhanced Performance

Many horse owners have reported improvements in the performance and stamina of their horses post-therapy.


Maximize your horse's well-being with our comprehensive All-Inclusive Massage and Bodywork package priced at $175, including Infrared alongside other healing modalities. Providing multiple healing modalities, our package ensures your horse receives top-notch care, promoting their overall health and vitality. 


Frequently Asked Questions

The details you should know

+ What can I expect at an appointment for Infrared Therapy?

Before the treatment, a comprehensive assessment will be conducted. The following elements are typically considered:

1. Overall physical condition

2. Specific areas of concern or discomfort

3. Previous medical history

4. Current physical activities or training regimen

Based on the assessment, a customized treatment plan will be crafted to address the unique needs of your horse.

+ How can I prepare for the aftercare of my horse after an Infrared session?

Post-treatment, it's advisable to provide your horse with adequate rest and hydration. Monitoring for any signs of discomfort or changes in behavior is also recommended. Consult your veterinarian for any additional aftercare guidelines.

+ Are there any FEI Regulation restrictions for performance using Infrared?

As of the last knowledge update in September 2021, the Federation Equestre Internationale (FEI) did not have specific regulations regarding equine cupping therapy, neuromuscular therapy, or myofascial release therapy. However, FEI rules and regulations can change over time, and it's essential to verify whether any new rules or guidelines have been introduced since then.

Horse owners and riders should consult with their veterinarians and relevant regulatory bodies to ensure that the use of these therapies comply with current rules and does not violate any anti-doping regulations or competition prohibitions.

In summary, Infrared Red Light Therapy is a cutting-edge practice with potential benefits for horses, including improved circulation, pain relief, and muscle recovery. It's essential to consider contraindications and stay informed about any relevant regulatory restrictions in competitive equestrian events.

+ Is Infrared Red Light therapy a replacement for veterinary care?

No, Equine Targeted Infrared (Red Light) Therapy is not a replacement for veterinary care. Always consult your veterinarian before beginning any new treatment modalities for your horse.

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