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The Equine Kneads Massage and Bodywork School is NBCAAM Approved!!! Apply to our Owner's Workshop Today!

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Equine Massage and Bodywork Owner's Workshop (Non-Certification)

Invest in Your Horse's Wellness and Performance: Enroll in Our Equine Owner's 2-Day Therapeutic Massage Workshop

Unlock the potential to offer holistic and effective equine bodywork. This comprehensive two-day workshop focuses on the art and science of equine massage and bodywork techniques. Whether you're a horse owner wanting to establish a deeper understanding and awareness of your horse or a potential professional looking to explore a career in equine therapy but unsure if you want to take a full certification program, this non-certification course offers a well-rounded curriculum to meet your needs.


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Equine Kneads Owners Workshop

Tired of seeing your beloved horse struggle with muscle tension, stress, or discomfort and feeling powerless to help? Imagine having the power to read your horse's body language, identify signs of pain, and provide soothing relief with your own hands first, before having to call in and invest in a specialist.

Our 2-day Owner’s Workshop equips you with the essential skills to understand, assess, and alleviate your horse's discomfort effectively. Delve into the fundamentals of equine anatomy and behavior, gaining insights that empower you to interpret your horse's needs accurately. Master the art of therapeutic massage through hands-on practice sessions, honing techniques that can provide instant relief and lasting benefits. 

With a focus on specialized massage sequences and advanced techniques like stretching and joint mobilizations, you'll elevate your expertise to new heights. Plus, learn about complementary modalities such as cupping, neuromuscular therapy, craniosacral therapy, and PEMF, enriching your understanding of holistic equine care. Don't let your horse suffer in silence – take charge of their happiness and comfort. Apply now and embark on a transformative journey toward becoming your horse's trusted healer and advocate!

Christina Naas in the field with a horse

Owners' Therapeutic Massage Workhsop

Curriculum Overview

+ Day 1: Foundations and Assessment Techniques

Introduction to Equine Anatomy

• Introduction anatomy and physiology

• Introduction to common equine pathologies

Basics of Equine Behavior and Communication

• Reading equine body language

• Signals indicating discomfort or well-being

Initial Assessment Techniques

• Hands-on guided session

• Identifying signs of muscle tension, stress, or discomfort

Palpation Basics

• Developing feel

• What to feel for during palpation

• Importance of varying pressure

+ Day 2: Hands-On Therapeutic Massage Techniques

Basic Massage Strokes

• Effleurage, petrissage, friction, and more

• Hands-on practice

Massage Sequences

• Putting together a routine

• Targeting different muscle groups o Special considerations

Workshop Closing

• Final Q&A

• Certificates of Completion

• Future resources and learning opportunities

Additional Workshop Features & 

Recommended Resources

+ Additional Workshop Features

1. Visual Aids: High-quality musculoskeletal diagrams or 3D models to illustrate anatomy.

2. Real-Life Example: Whenever possible, live horse demonstrations to point out key anatomical landmarks.

3. Handouts: Attendees will receive handouts or reference materials to take home.

+ Recommended Sources for Equine Musculoskeletal Diagrams

1. Books such as "Horse Anatomy: A Pictorial Approach to Equine Structure" by Peter Goody, or "Color Atlas of Veterinary Anatomy, Volume 2: The Horse" by Raymond R. Ashdown and Stanley H. Done.

2. Online resources like Equinology or TheHorse.com.

3. Vet schools or educational programs specializing in equine studies.

2-Day Program

On-Site Instruction

Certificate of Completion

How to Book a Workshop

At your location: Book a workshop to be conducted at your facility, perfect for barns, veterinary practices, or educational institutions. Or, book at our facility: Join us at one of the local Colorado facilities we partner with, fully equipped to offer a hands-on, immersive experience.

Booking Requirements

Workshops have a minimum of 4 and a maximum of 10 participants for an intimate learning experience. If you choose to host the workshop at your location, you will covers all travel expenses for Christina. The cost is $750 per person, offering valuable insights and hands-on training.

What’s Included

Your registration includes all necessary course materials, detailed booklets, and invaluable reference guides. Engage in hands-on practice sessions meticulously supervised by our expert, ensuring you gain practical skills. Receive Certificates of Completion, validating your expertise.

Upcoming In-Person Owners' Workshop Dates

This live Workshop is conducted between 9 AM and 4 PM on the following dates:

  • July 27-28

  • August 17-18

  • September 28-29

  • October 19-20

  • November 16-17

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