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Equine Mastery Mentorship: Elevate Your Practice

Our personalized mentorship programs are crafted just for you, offering hands-on guidance in client relations, advanced techniques, and all the ins and outs of running a successful equine care business.

Mentorship with Equine Kneads


Explore our comprehensive mentorship programs tailored for equine massage and bodywork professionals. Whether you're looking for a monthly subscription with focused mentorship calls and peer networking opportunities or a deep dive into a three-month comprehensive program covering advanced techniques, marketing strategies, legal aspects, and more, Equine Kneads has you covered. Our practical approach ensures you gain essential skills, connect with a supportive community, and develop a thriving equine care business. Let us guide you towards success in the world of equine wellness.

[1] Comprehensive Business Mentorship

Learn the art and business of equine massage and bodywork with our intensive three-month mentorship, where you'll receive personalized guidance, advanced techniques training, and comprehensive business strategies, equipping you to excel as a leader in the field of equine care.

3-Month Membership

Weekly Mentorship Calls

Comprehensive Support


Client Communication

Mastering effective client interactions

Social Media & Marketing

Building your online presence

Advanced Techniques

Updates on new techniques, tools, and practices.

Legal Aspects 

Detailed information on insurance, liability, and other legal considerations.

Personal Wellness

How to balance work and personal life effectively

Investment Strategy

Where to make business investments for maximum ROI

Goal Setting

Defining short-term and long-term business and personal goals

Action Plan

A concrete marketing and business operation strategy

KPIs and Metrics

Learning how to measure your success and track growth

Education Gaps

Assessment, palpation, technique, pathology & biomechanics training

Certifications and Continued Education

Guidance on courses, texts, and in-person training

Accountability and Milestones

Regular check-ins to ensure you're on track

[2] Monthly Subscription Mentorship

Begin your transformative journey in equine care with our monthly subscription mentorship, offering tailored guidance, peer networking, and expert mentorship calls, empowering you to refine your skills and expand your equine massage and bodywork practice.

What You Will Learn

  • Client Acquisition: Strategies for increasing your client base

  • Pricing Strategy: Guidance on valuing and pricing your services

  • Time Management: Maximizing your time and activities

  • Basic Legal Considerations: Basics on insurance, liability, and contracts.

  • Quality Control: Tips on attracting and retaining high-quality clients

  • Mindset Programming: Changing your business mindset for success

  • Back Office Management: Track growth, profits, expenses

  • Peer Networking: Opportunities to connect with like-minded professionals.

  • Christina Naas Headshot

    About Your Mentor

    Christina Naas

    Christina has over 13 years of experience as a professional equine massage therapist and business owner. She is a sought-after equine specialist, educator, and mentor.

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    Mentorship Investment

    Designed to fit your needs and budget, our mentorship programs ensure a valuable investment in your professional growth and the success of your equine massage and bodywork practice.

    Monthly Subscription



    Unlock exclusive access to invaluable resources, empowering you to accelerate your equine massage and bodywork career with confidence and expertise

    • 2 calls per month; additional calls for $75

    • Covers basic equine business topics

    • Provides accountability for you to grow your business

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    Comprehensive Business Membership


    /for 3 months of mentorship

    Invest in your expertise and ensure a transformative journey toward becoming a distinguished, sought-after equine care professional

    • Full support for the duration of your mentorship

    • Weekly mentor calls

    • Covers everything a professional needs to thrive

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