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Achieve Optimal Well-Being with Equine Cryotherapy

Tailored for both well-being and optimal performance, our equine cryotherapy treatments, featuring the state-of-the-art Kaasen Equine Pro by TruCryo, offer targeted pain relief, reduced inflammation, and accelerated recovery.


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Equine Cryotherapy

Explore Equine Cryotherapy with Kaasen Equine Pro by TruCryo

Localized equine cryotherapy is a cutting-edge technique that applies precise, icy temperatures to targeted areas of your horse's body. Our specialized device, the Kaasen Equine Pro by TruCryo, harnesses the power of cold therapy to enhance healing, diminish inflammation, and provide relief from pain in horses.

The Benefits of Equine Cryotherapy

At Equine Kneads, we use cryotherapy for your horse's optimal well-being and performance. Therapeutic use of cryotherapy can produce the following benefits:

Pain Relief

The precision of Kaasen Equine Pro's cold therapy numbs painful areas, providing much-needed relief from musculoskeletal conditions, injuries, and soreness.

Inflammation Reduction

Cryotherapy can significantly reducing localized inflammation. This targeted approach is especially effective for treating conditions like tendonitis, joint inflammation, and swelling.

Faster Recovery

After localized equine cryotherapy, the blood and lymph vessels dilate, stimulating an immune response, and expediting the healing process. Horses recover swiftly from injuries or intense physical exertion, ensuring peak performance.

Muscle Relaxation

Cryotherapy promotes muscle relaxation, easing tense muscles and decreasing spasms. This contributes to improved mobility and enhanced overall comfort for your horse.

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Why Choose Localized Equine Cryotherapy?

Are you searching for top-notch equine cryotherapy solutions that prioritize your horse's well-being and peak performance?

Are you looking for innovative solutions to enhance their recovery, manage soreness, and boost overall performance?

Look no further than our Localized Equine Cryotherapy Services featuring the state-of-the-art Kaasen Equine Pro by TruCryo.

Tailored for both well-being and optimal performance, our equine cryotherapy treatments offer targeted pain relief, reduced inflammation, and accelerated recovery.

At Equine Kneads, we understand the unique needs of your equine partners, ensuring they not only feel their best but also perform at their peak. 

We tailor our equine cryotherapy treatments to address specific needs, promoting your horse's well-being, comfort, and exceptional performance.


Injury Rehab

Horses recovering from injuries, such as tendon or ligament strains, find accelerated healing and reduced swelling through equine cryotherapy, promoting a quicker return to peak health.


After intense training or competition, equine cryotherapy reduces muscle soreness and inflammation. This allows the horse to regain optimal condition, ensuring they perform at their best.

Chronic Condition Management

Horses dealing with chronic conditions like arthritis or laminitis benefit immensely from equine cryotherapy. It alleviates pain, enhancing overall comfort and mobility for a better quality of life.

Performance Enhancement

Cryotherapy is vital to a holistic performance management strategy. By ensuring your horse is in optimal shape, they can perform at their best, enhancing their edge and overall success.


/6 mins

Cryotherapy is an add-on service to our Equine Massage and Bodywork Packages. Experience the rejuvenating power of Equine Cryotherapy with our flexible pricing options. Our sessions start at a minimum of $75, which includes 6 minutes of invigorating cryo spray. For additional revitalization, extend your session at just $25 for every extra 2 minutes. Treat your horse to the ultimate recovery experience, tailored to their specific needs and ensuring peak performance.


Frequently Asked Questions

All the details you should know

+ Are there any contraindications for Localized Equine Cryotherapy?

We prioritize the safety and well-being of your horse. While equine localized cryotherapy is generally safe and effective, certain conditions warrant careful consideration:

Cold Sensitivity: Horses with extreme cold sensitivity may find cryotherapy uncomfortable or potentially harmful. We always monitor your horse's reaction closely during the treatment to ensure their comfort and safety.

Open Wounds: For your horse's best interest, cryotherapy should not be applied directly to open wounds or incisions. Doing so could delay the healing process or lead to complications, which we want to avoid.

Poor Circulation: Horses with preexisting circulatory issues might not experience the full benefits of localized cryotherapy, as it could further impair blood flow to the treated area. In such cases, alternative treatments tailored to their condition may be more suitable.

Skin Sensitivity: Just like humans, some horses have sensitive skin that can react adversely to extreme cold. We take this into account, ensuring the therapy is adjusted to their comfort level.

At Equine Kneads, your horse's safety and well-being are our top priorities. We assess each horse individually to provide the most appropriate and effective equine cryotherapy experience, tailored to their unique needs.

+ Are there FEI compliance with regulations for Localized Equine Cryotherapy?

As of 2022, FEI regulations specifically address the use of localized equine cryotherapy devices like the Kaasen Equine Pro and limit its use to 5 days prior to an event. However, it's important to note that FEI rules can change over time.

Horse owners and riders are strongly encouraged to consult relevant regulatory bodies and veterinarians. This ensures that the application of localized equine cryotherapy aligns with current regulations, avoiding any violations of anti-doping rules or competition prohibitions.In summary, localized equine cryotherapy using the Kaasen Equine Pro by TruCryo offers a range of benefits, including pain relief, reduced inflammation, and accelerated recovery.

While generally safe and effective, it is imperative to be mindful of contraindications and stay updated on any regulatory constraints within the competitive equestrian landscape.

Chill & Heal: Equine Cryotherapy for Peak Performance

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