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Get Support With Our Virtual Equine Bodywork Evaluation

Imagine having a professional equine bodywork expert at your fingertips, ready to address your questions and offer tailored advice promptly. In just 15-30 minutes, you can gain personalized solutions to your pressing equine concerns.


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Discover Fast Solutions and Expert Insights with a Virtual Equine Bodywork Evaluation

Our Virtual Equine Bodywork Evaluations offer immediate access to expert insights, allowing you to assess your horse's comfort and movement without the need for in-person visits. Through virtual assessments, discover personalized techniques to enhance your horse's overall health and movement. We provide tailored recommendations, empowering you to make informed decisions and nurture your horse's well-being effectively, all from the comfort of your location. Experience the convenience of expert horse care at your fingertips – reach out today to embark on a journey toward a happier, healthier horse.

The Benefits of A Virtual Equine Bodywork Evaluation

Find peace of mind as you care for your horse and its needs.

Quick Access to Expert Advice

Our virtual sessions provide rapid responses to your pressing equine bodywork inquiries. Receive expert guidance promptly, ensuring your horse's well-being is never delayed.

Provide Immediate Relief

Discover techniques during the virtual evaluation that can swiftly bring comfort and enhanced mobility to your horse. Address minor issues promptly, promoting your horse's immediate relief.

Convenient and Cost-Effective

Save valuable time and resources with our virtual option, particularly for minor concerns. The convenience of a virtual evaluation means efficient solutions without the need for extensive travel.



Our Virtual Equine Bodywork Evaluation offers expert insights and guidance at a cost-effective rate of $75 per session. This fee grants you access to our experienced equine bodywork professionals, providing valuable remote assessment of your horse's condition.

During the session, we discuss your concerns, assess your horse's physical state, and offer personalized recommendations tailored to your horse's well-being. With this service, you gain quick access to expert advice, ensuring your horse's comfort and addressing any minor concerns promptly. Book a session today to benefit from this convenient and informative evaluation method, enhancing your horse's overall health and performance.


Frequently Asked Questions

The details you should know

+ How exactly does a virtual evaluation work?

Engaging in our Virtual Equine Bodywork Evaluations is effortless and efficient. Once you reach out to us, we'll schedule a convenient time for your virtual session. During the assessment, which typically takes 15-30 minutes of your time, you'll have the opportunity to discuss your concerns and observations about your horse's condition. Utilizing video and imagery provided by you, our experienced equine bodywork professional will conduct a thorough remote evaluation. Expect personalized guidance and professional education on potential therapies, exercises, and adjustments tailored to your horse's specific needs. This virtual experience seamlessly bridges the gap between you and expert equine care, providing quick, practical solutions for your equine companion's well-being.

+ Can virtual equine bodywork evaluations replace in-person, hands-on sessions?

While our Virtual Equine Bodywork Evaluations serve as a valuable supplement to your horse's care routine, they are not a substitute for in-person or hands-on bodywork sessions. Virtual assessments lack the essential hands-on expertise required for direct evaluation and manipulation of muscles, fascia, and joints, aspects crucial for a thorough assessment. Additionally, they lack access to diagnostic tools like palpation, which are vital for pinpointing specific issues. While virtual evaluations offer valuable insights, they don't match the depth of a comprehensive, in-person assessment.

+ When should I consider a virtual equine bodywork evaluation?

Consider our Virtual Equine Bodywork Evaluations when you have questions or concerns about your horse's comfort or movement. They are ideal if you seek guidance on exercises, stretches, or self-care routines to complement in-person sessions. Virtual evaluations are also valuable when you want expert advice on enhancing your horse's well-being between hands-on sessions, offering a convenient and informative solution to support your equine partner's health.

Insightful Assessments: Virtual Horse Evaluations Tailored for You

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