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What is it like to work with Christina at Equine Kneads?

Christina is very knowledgeable in her field of equine bodywork and the work she does is very thorough. She has an abundance of knowledge on the subject and her passion for teaching is evident in how she interacts with students. Christina does a great job of combining lecture, activities, and hand-on horse opportunities to make sure each participant can understand the material in many different contexts. I have really enjoyed having her on campus to work with our students to increase their understanding of bodywork practices, the industry, and equine health and anatomy!


Associate Professor
Department of Animal and Food Science
University of Wisconsin @ River Falls

Hi Christina - this is Annette - you massaged Zoom (the 17.2 dak bay Friesian mix) for me yesterday at Otter Creek… just wanted to say THANK YOU!!!!!! It was like I had my awesome show horse back today at my lesson!!! He was loose-round-lifted his back!! We had awesome mediums! Even my trainer was like- whoa! Where did that come from!?! I can’t thank u enough for the work u did!!!! I will definitely be calling again!!


One of my horses went from dead-lame to ridable with the work (Christina) did... 

Christina did an amazing turn around with my horse who suffered from severe neck pain and all over body tightness. It was worth every session to get the improvement that she did with my horse! Highly recommend her. She is so gentle and caring that my horse fell asleep during his sessions!


We have had the pleasure of working with Christina the last couple of years with a variety of needs. Christina is extremely knowledgeable. One of my horses went from dead-lame to ridable with the work she did and the education/home programs she supported us with. She has worked on our family through injuries, our family dog, and countless offerings to share, consult, mentor us through the rehabilitation progress. I cannot recommend Christina enough for your bodywork/rehab needs.


(Christina) has been a wealth of information when other professionals came up empty-handed...

What can I say about Christina besides she is one of the most intelligent, caring, compassionate, forward-thinking horse women I have ever met. I’m extremely picky on who works on my horses and the first time I met Christina and she laid her hands on my horse and she KNEW what the issue were, I knew I had found the right person. I took one of her weekend clinics and the biggest takeaway may seem simple but “lay your hands” on your horse and really feel their bodies so you know when something is not right or they are hurting. My vet told me the other day that my 2 YO loves being touched.


Christina is hands down the best body worker that I have ever had out to work on my horses. Besides being a true lifelong horsewoman and absolutely wonderful with handling sensitive horses, she was able to get to the root of each horse's specific issues in only a couple of sessions and determine a plan forward for follow-up treatments. The results were outstanding and my horses noticeably trained better! Because of my admiration for her work, I am going to take her bodywork class this month. She has been a wealth of information when other professionals came up empty handed in diagnosing the reason for lackluster performance from 2 very different horses/cases. There is a reason several well-respected vets refer clients to her for tough cases. She has years of experience and yet continues to learn and research contantly. She is very professional in every way. We are so lucky to have her in Colorado!


There is a reason several well-respected vets refer clients to (Christina) for tough cases.

I met Christina in CO when she moved to the area and provided a similar service to my favorite body worker in Aiken SC. Come to find out Christina had helped train her! Christina’s ability to feel a horse and help them release their facia and feel better is second to none. Cannot recommend enough for sport horses and any horse that needs help through its body.


Hi Christina, thank you so much for the work you did on Bella yesterday! I had a soft bendable horse today!!! Half passes were great and the canter was super!! No stabbing with the hind legs and was so easy to keep round. It was definitely a different horse!!! So very happy with her results!!! Thank you!!!


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