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Equestrian Massage & Bodywork Services

Experience genuine therapeutic relief through our exclusive Equestrian Massage & Bodywork Services, meticulously crafted to cater specifically to riders. Our specialized treatments go beyond mere relaxation, focusing on targeted muscle recovery and performance enhancement. Tailored to address the unique physical demands of equestrian activities, our services aim to alleviate tension, promote flexibility, and optimize overall well-being. Trust in our expertise to provide you with a revitalizing experience that not only soothes the body but also elevates your riding performance. Unlock the full potential of your body with our unparalleled equestrian-centric approach to massage and bodywork.

Equestrian Rider Massage and Bodywork Services

Why Choose Equestrian Massage and Bodywork?

Transform your riding experience with our on-site equestrian massage and bodywork services, tailored exclusively for riders like you.

Our certified massage therapist, Christina Naas, understands the intricacies of equestrian life, from the hours spent in the saddle to the physical demands of stable work.

We bring targeted relief and enhanced flexibility directly to your stables. With personalized treatments, we alleviate muscle soreness, promote faster recovery, and improve overall well-being.

Choose us for expert care designed to elevate your riding performance and ensure your utmost comfort, right at your own stable.


Injury Prevention

You understand the strain riding and stable work can put on your body, risking injuries. Massage therapy can be your proactive measure, preventing injuries and ensuring you recover faster, so you can keep doing what you love.

Muscle Fatigue/Tension

After hours in the saddle, you often experience muscle fatigue and tension, affecting your comfort and performance. Imagine the relief of having those muscles eased & relaxed, enhancing your riding experience.

Stress Relief

With your busy stable and riding schedule, stress can take a toll. Picture the tranquility of a massage session, not just relaxing your muscles but also calming your mind. It's your oasis of peace amidst the chaos.

Holistic Wellness

Your commitment to your horse's well-being extends to your own. Consider massage therapy as part of your holistic health routine. It aligns with your values and lifestyle, promoting overall wellness for both you and your beloved horse.

Equestrian Massage Neck
Equestrian Massage Calf
Equestrian Massage Shoulders

Little-Known Benefits of Massage & Bodywork for Equestrians

Our Equestrian Massage & Bodywork services promote rider wellness, enhance horse performance, and foster a deeper equestrian connection.

Improved Flexibility & Motion

Your riding skills rely on flexibility. Imagine the difference in your performance with enhanced flexibility and improved range of motion. Massage therapy can make that difference, giving you the edge you need.

Posture Correction

Your posture during riding and stable work matters. You're no stranger to back pain due to incorrect posture. Envision the relief of having your posture corrected, alleviating discomfort and allowing you to move freely.

Enhanced Recovery

You often push your limits, and recovery is crucial. Envision a massage session hastening your recovery after intense training or competitions, ensuring you're back in the saddle, stronger and rejuvenated.

Massage & Bodywork Services for Equestrians

Don't let physical discomfort hold you back any longer. Call to book your massage today and embark on your journey to wellness and relief. You deserve to live life to the fullest, and we're here to help you do just that!


    60-Minute Advanced Therapeutic Massage - $175

    Experience our Advanced Therapeutic Massage tailored to exactly what your body needs. This is a blend of modalities including therapeutic massage, neuromuscular therapy, myofascial release plus cupping, and craniosacral. This unique therapy relieves tension, restores optimal bio-mechanics, reduces pain/inflammation and improves blood/lymphatic flow.


    90-Minute Advanced Therapeutic Massage - $250

    If you need deeper relaxation and healing, choose our 90-minute Advanced Therapeutic Massage tailored to exactly what your body needs. This is a blend of modalities including therapeutic massage, neuromuscular therapy, myofascial release plus cupping, and craniosacral. This unique therapy relieves tension, restores optimal bio-mechanics, reduces pain/inflammation and improves blood/lymphatic flow.

    Cryotherapy for Pain Icon green

    Add On - Cryotherapy For Localized Pain Relief - 15 mins, $25

    Embrace the power of cold therapy to reduce inflammation, soothe sore muscles, and accelerate healing. Our spot Cryotherapy treatments will have you feeling revitalized and ready to conquer any challenge.

    PEMF Therapy for Pain Icon Green

    Add On - PEMF (Pulsed Electromagnetic Field) Therapy - 60 mins, $99

    Experience the benefits of this cutting-edge technology that stimulates cellular repair, eases pain, and enhances overall well-being. Let PEMF therapy be your natural remedy for aches and discomfort.

Appointment Add-Ons

Add on any of the following services at your appointment!

    Kinesio Taping Icon Green

    Kinesio Taping - $5-$15 

    Discover the wonders of Kinesio Taping as it supports injured muscles and joints while still allowing a full range of motion. Experience relief and support like never before.

    Orthopedic Assessment Icon Green

    Orthopedic Testing and Corrective Exercise - $50 

    Our expert team will perform orthopedic assessments to identify the root cause of your pain. Through personalized corrective exercises, we'll restore your body's balance and function.

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